iPhone 5c Deals

imagesThe iPhone 5c is out now and is the first iPhone to come in a range of 5 colours of Pink, Green, White, Blue or Yellow. The iPhone 5c has the potential to become the fastest selling smart phone on the planet. The iPhone 5C deals you up  the latest version of iOS 7 with all the improved functionality from auto updating apps to true multitasking. The iPhone 5c looks amazing and feels like a premium product despite the plastic appearance.

The camera Is 8MP and has a wide angle lens for super HD photos and stunning 1080P video. Access to over 900,000 apps in the app store means that there is always something new top keep you entertained. IOS 7 has loads of new features including an improved version of Siri, Multitasking and a new swipe up Control Centre.

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Also Available in WhiteAlso Available in GreenAlso Available in PinkAlso Available in BlueAlso Available in Yellow